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A small selection of organisations that work with Cadenza:

Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales

Bulletin de psychologie

L'independance éditoriale du Bulletin de psychologie et son esprit d'ouverture favorisent la publication de travaux qui s'inscrivent dans les courants les plus actuels de la recherche comme ceux qui, novateurs, se situent hors de ces mouvements.


Cairn.info is an online platform that offers a broad and diverse collection of academic publications from major French language publishers, such as La Découverte, Belin, Eres, De Boeck, Presses Universitaires de France, Armand Colin, Gallimard, Dalloz, Presses de Sciences Po, etc.

The collection covers subjects within the fields of the social sciences and humanities, including history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, sociology, political science, geography, and many others. Journal issues generally range from 2001 up to the most recent issue, with no embargo, enabling students and researchers to gain a clear insight into past and current discussions within francophone academia.

In addition to the French-language content, Cairn International Edition is an English-language interface featuring over 50000 abstracts and 3000 full-text articles translated from French to English. This content comes from around 200 of Cairn.info’s most important and well-known journals. The goal of Cairn International Edition is to give non-francophones the opportunity to become familiar with francophone scholarship, without needing to learn the language.

Classiques Garnier

Langage et societé

Policy Studies Organization

The Policy Studies Organization (PSO) is a publisher of academic journals and book series, sponsor of conferences, and producer of programs.  It seeks to disseminate scholarship and information to serve those making and evaluating policy.  It was founded as an outgrowth of the American Political Science Association, for those in a variety of fields who were interested in how public policy and organizational policy were being studied and discussed.

Presses de Sciences po

The University of Manchester

Part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, The University of Manchester is the largest single-site university in the UK, with the biggest student community. We're committed to world-class research, an outstanding learning and student experience, and social responsibility. In total, 25 Nobel Prize winners have worked or studied at the University. We're ranked 38th in the world, seventh in Europe and fifth in the UK in the 2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong World Ranking. What's more, we are well underway with the biggest investment in facilities undertaken by any UK university, with £750 million spent so far and a further £1 billion to follow by 2022.